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* [http://namei.org/lnfs/senfs-requirements-draft-06.txt SENFS Requirements Document:] Original requirements document for an SELinux specific version of Labeled NFS by James Morris.
* [http://namei.org/lnfs/senfs-requirements-draft-06.txt SENFS Requirements Document:] Original requirements document for an SELinux specific version of Labeled NFS by James Morris.
* [http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-quigley-nfsv4-sec-label-requirements-00.txt MAC Security Label Requirements for NFSv4:] Internet Draft submitted to the IEFT on 30 April 2008.
* [http://tools.ietf.org/draft/draft-quigley-nfsv4-sec-label-requirements MAC Labeling Requirements and Problem Statement Page:] Main IETF document page for requirements and problem statement for MAC labeling support for NFSv4.
** [http://tools.ietf.org/draft/draft-quigley-nfsv4-sec-label-requirements/draft-quigley-nfsv4-sec-label-requirements-00.txt draft-quigley-nfsv4-sec-label-requirements-00.txt:] Internet Draft submitted to the IEFT on 1 May 2008.
** [http://tools.ietf.org/draft/draft-quigley-nfsv4-sec-label-requirements/draft-quigley-nfsv4-sec-label-requirements-01.txt draft-quigley-nfsv4-sec-label-requirements-01.txt:] Internet Draft submitted to the IEFT on 24 June 2008.
== Mailing Lists and Archives ==
== Mailing Lists and Archives ==

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Labeled NFS is an effort headed by Dave Quigley of the NSA to implement Mandatory Access Control within NFSv4

Since the Labeled-NFS effort is starting to mature, a centralize location is needed to store information and code for the project. This page will contain news, source code, documentation, and specification documents pertaining to the Labeled-NFS effort.

At the moment development is progressing on a prototype for the Linux 2.6 series of kernels. As the specification matures and we see other people choose to prototype implementations in other operating and MAC systems we will post that information here.

Project News

None as of yet.

Getting the code

There are two ways to get the code for the prototype Labeled-NFS implementation. As active development ensues we will be updating a series of public git trees with patches for the work. These trees can be found at http://git.selinuxproject.org/git/. At the moment the latest code is not yet in the tree since we are addressing comments from LKML.

The three trees that pertain to the Labeled-NFS work are:

  • users/dpquigl/lnfs.git
  • users/dpquigl/libnfsdoimap.git
  • users/dpquigl/nfs-utils.git

To clone these trees use the command below substituting any of {lnfs.git, libnfsdoimap.git, nfs-utils.git} for <tree>.

       git-clone git://git.selinuxproject.org/~dpquigl/<tree> 

The second option is to patch and build a kernel with a snapshot of the Labeled-NFS code. Once this code is updated to address the LKML comments and merged into the lnfs git tree these patches will become obsolete.

  • nfs-build.txt: Instructions for building a Linux 2.6 kernel with Labeled-NFS support and patching nfs-utils to support new mount options.
  • nfs-setup.txt: Instructions for setting up NFSv4 mounts and exports with label support.
  • nfs-label.patch: Patch with kernel modifications to add Labeled-NFS support.
  • nfs-utils.patch: Patch to add mount support to nfs-tuils for Labeled-NFS support.

Specification Documents

Mailing Lists and Archives

  • IETF NFSv4 Working Group Mailing List: Primary list for discussion for discussion of the NFSv4 standard. This is a moderately high volume list and currently the discussion is centered around preparing NFSv4.1 for final approval.


  • MAC resources Posting to the NFSv4 IETF mailing list with pointers to information on Mandatory Access Control (MAC).

News Articles

  • GCN coverage Government Computer News on the project as Dave Q presents at IETF 71.